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Welcome to Umar Carpets

Welcome to Umar Carpets

Umar Carpets is one of the largest autonomous rug retailers from Afghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan offering an extraordinary and wide range of new and antique handmade carpets. Umar Carpets has been selling carpets / rugs and providing services for cleaning, washing, repairing, mending and restoring in Hong Kong since 1989 as one of the leading oriental carpet service provider. Our skilled and professionally trained service technicians can also clean, repair and restore your hand woven treasures like textiles, tapestries, needlepoints and hooked rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong

Our service technicians at Umar Carpets provide a range of services like rug reweaving, repairs, fixing, mothproofing, fire damage, flood damage, pet stain, odour removal, scotchgard, asthma relief, allergy, padding etc.

Carpet Cleaning

We are providing Services for carpet cleaning, carpet washing, carpet repairing since 1989.  Call us today to get free consultancy for carpet cleaning and carpet washing, repairing and color restoration. 

We offer free pick-up and delivery with free installation to all our valuable customers.


We offer the cheapest quote for washing and repair in town. The price of washing, cleaning, repairing and restoration depends on the type of carpets, material, quality, how dirty it is, sensitivity of color etc.. The exact quote we can give you after the free inspection.

Umar Carpets is the best and unique rug store in Hong Kong. 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Carpet Selling

When you purchase a rug at a store you can't see the real hues with distinctive lighting and how the rug looks with your furniture..


Carpet Repairing

We feel that timely repair of your antique or oriental rug is vital in saving its excellence and worth. Our talented artisans use hundreds of years..


Carpet Cleaning / Carpet Washing

Our carpet cleaning can greatly improve the beautification of your rug by removing the stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens. We utilize the customary..